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Use caution when seeking out services that pay health care expenses

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Health Care Crisis Planning

Health care costs throughout New York and the rest of the country remain high. However, you’ve probably seen countless programs or services promising to take the sting out of expensive health care costs. Unfortunately, many of these programs aren’t all they claim to be.

Primary care programs

Some companies aim to help those going through health care crisis planning through primary care memberships. On the surface, a primary care program seems like a smart way to save money on medical costs. Unfortunately, many primary care services don’t cover specialized treatments or surgery.

Health-sharing services

Another seemingly deceptive way to pay for health care expenses is a health or cost-sharing program. However, these services are not the same as actual health insurance companies. Many of these services receive funding through ministry-based organizations. Because of this, these programs have no legal obligation to cover health care costs.

Discount cards

Another alternative to health insurance is the medical discount card. It’s understandable to consider signing up for one of these services, some of which promise to pay up to 80% of your health care expenses.

If the news that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is cracking down on discount cards isn’t enough to scare you away, certain companies running these services can’t even legally operate in certain states. Many discount card providers skirt the law as much as they can by making consumers believe these cards are a form of health insurance. They’re not.

As you look for options to help you pay for medical costs, watch out for services that sound too good to be true. Also, thoroughly search reviews of any program or service promising to shoulder the burden of your health care costs.