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How does elder law protect seniors in Williamsville, New York?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Elder Law

Elder law plays a special role in safeguarding the rights, interests and well-being of older individuals. As the population ages, it becomes increasingly important to establish comprehensive legal frameworks that address the unique challenges faced by seniors.

Protection against elder abuse

Elder law protects seniors from abuse. This area uses legal mechanisms to shield older adults from physical, emotional and financial abuse. One of the goals of elder law involves protecting seniors against exploitation.

Examples of common elder abuse include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional or psychological abuse
  • Neglect
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abandonment

Preserving financial security

Through elder law, older individuals receive protection for their financial security. Seniors may need help preserving their assets and navigating complex legal processes. An important part of preserving financial security involves ensuring wills and trusts follow the expressed wishes of the senior and do not follow the demands of their loved ones.

Ensuring access to quality healthcare

Elder law ensures older individuals retain access to quality healthcare. Seniors often need help understanding and navigating the intricate healthcare system. Elder care advocates may help seniors with the following:

  • Access Medicare or Medicaid benefits
  • Receiving appropriate care from specialists
  • Navigate online healthcare forms and the complex digital divide between patients

Promote decision-making autonomy

Seniors have the right to maintain decision-making autonomy for their lives and healthcare decisions. Elder law provides legal instruments such as advanced healthcare directives and durable power of attorney, which enable individuals to make decisions regarding their career and financial matters in case the individual ever becomes incapacitated. By actively promoting the expressed wishes and preferences of individual seniors, elder law protects the autonomy and dignity of these adults.

Elder law serves as a dynamic force to safeguard and empower seniors. This type of law actively contributes to the well-being and protection of older individuals within our society.