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Three benefits of creating an advance health care directive

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2023 | Estate Planning, Health Care Crisis Planning

It’s wise for adults in New York to plan ahead. When it comes to your health, an advance healthcare directive lets you prepare for unforeseen circumstances. With an advance health care directive, you control how medical professionals treat you when you can’t make decisions.

Eliminating unnecessary pain and procedures

An advanced health care directive lets incapacitated people or those dealing with life-threatening conditions get the most possible enjoyment out of their last potential days, weeks or months. Making these specifications is helpful for estate planning purposes since eliminating unhelpful and costly treatments leaves more assets for your beneficiaries. This document might also help you avoid painful and unnecessary treatments.

Less stress for your loved ones

Learning that a loved one might be near the end of their life is understandably stressful. Unfortunately, not having an advance health care directive could make life even more stressful for those you leave behind. An advance directive takes the stress away from your beneficiaries who feel uncomfortable deciding on your end-of-life care.

Fewer conflicts among beneficiaries

The death of a loved one can also be a stressful time. If you are a deceased person’s estate executor or otherwise involved with a loved one’s estate, you know that beneficiary conflicts can arise. If you have an advance directive, your loved ones won’t worry about clashing over your medical care. When beneficiaries aren’t arguing about your care, they can potentially work together during such a difficult time.

Having an advance health care directive isn’t a legal requirement in New York. However, the short time it takes to create this document can provide your beneficiaries a lifetime of peace of mind