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Tough Estate Litigation Attorneys

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can go awry and lead to estate litigation. Some issues may involve excluded family members feeling unfairly or illegally left out, heirs concerned about the process, or concerns of the estate administrator’s competence. Sometimes an estate administrator has to defend themselves against accusations. If your estate administration process becomes scrutinized, estate litigation may be the next step.

If you have unsuccessfully tried to resolve these matters, Ingold Law PLLC in Williamsville can assist. We regularly help Western New York estate administrators, beneficiaries, and excluded heirs with estate litigation. We can handle all of the following:

  • Examine wills and codicils for validity
  • Help locate missing assets
  • Question low valuations
  • Investigate executor impropriety
  • Handle other matters of misappropriation and malfeasance

We can provide quality legal services in estate planning, trust planning, special needs planning, elder law, asset protection, probate, and estate administration in Buffalo, Tonawanda, Williamsville and all surrounding areas. Contact our office today to preserve your legacy and give you the peace of mind for your family’s future. Call 716-972-3698 or use our online intake form to get in touch.